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  • 鄭州實驗外國語中學歡迎您! English加入收藏 |設為足球比分直播500网  |


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    【國旗下演講】 溝通與傾聽(2022屆8 班)

    閱讀數:407 更新時間:2020-06-09

    【國旗下演講】 溝通與傾聽(2022屆8 班)

    2022屆8班    班主任:黃寧


    中文演講: 樊子涵

    英文演講: 李善從

    旗手: 徐清宇

    護旗手: 陳燦  胡家樂










    Dear teachers and classmates, goodmorning ! Today our topic is : Communication and listening.

    Life is like a song, flowing indifferenthappiness. We smile at each other, understand each other's feelings, so we haveno distance, just because we learned to listen and communicate.

      "Listening" is not only a kind of behavior, but also a kind ofexcellent quality, a kind of outstanding ability. We have to learn to listen,learn to listen to the sound of the vast world, learn to listen to the elegantmelody between the clouds and rivers, learn to listen to the intimate words ofa friend in the vast sea of people. Listening is a kind of enjoyment. It canmake us peaceful and quiet. Listening is a kind of wisdom. It can be make usknow success and loss, know rise and fall. Emperor Taizong of Tang is good atlistening to advice, so he created "Zhenguan Governance". Joe GirardValue listened to customers, so he became the World Marketing Master. ZhongZiqi is good at listening to the piano sound, finally he met a bosom friendBoya. We also need to be patient with others. Listen to your classmates, showrespect with your eyes, show kindness with your smile, show patience with yourexpressions. Listen to your teachers, understand what is being taught, thinkabout what is being asked. Listen to your parents, be grateful for their careand accept their expectations, listen to what they have to say. Good listenerslisten with their ears and hearts, think positively,  give respond, and communicate. This requiresus to be more effectively.

    Good communication, like sparklingpoints, illuminate the future; good communication, like the wind blowing awaythe haze; good communication, like candies, remove bitterness. Goodcommunication, is the sound of spring thunder, waking up the mind. Thecommunication between each country in this epidemic make the whole worldovercome the difficulty together. China not only makes every effort to ensurethe safety and health of the Chinese people, but also maintains goodcommunication with the WHO, shares its experience in fighting the epidemic andprovides assistance to other countries where the epidemic has spread. This is arespect for life, a great love for all mankind.

    It is the same with communicating withothers, pouring out your own voice and feeling for others. When we communicatewith others, we express our true feelings and our own confusion. Maybe the keyto open the heart is to have a long talk. A good word makes people warm like afire in the cold winter, while a bad one hurts people seriously just likesnowing in the summer. Thinking about the listener's feelings can makecommunication more effective. When students encounter problems in life andstudy, we can discuss solutions together, encourage each other and makeprogress together. When communicating with teachers, we should dare to ask,dare to question, dare to ask for offering many detailed explanations andexamples. When we communicate with parents, we should be full of trust, sincereand frank.

    Being good at listening and communicatingis a kind of cultivation, a kind of virtue, a kind of grace. Let us learn tolisten and communicate, transfer beautiful, exchange mutual help, and grow uptogether! That's all. Thank you very much!