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  • 鄭州實驗外國語中學歡迎您! English加入收藏 |設為足球比分直播500网  |


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    【國旗下演講】 學會感恩(2022屆7 班)

    閱讀數:441 更新時間:2020-05-20

    【國旗下演講】 學會感恩(2022屆7 班)

    2022屆7班    班主任:齊穎穎


    中文演講: 李佳音

    英文演講: 何佳駿

    旗手: 董宸劭

    護旗手: 劉驍碩  陳思宇



    你聽,那落葉在風中吟唱,訴說他們對大地的一片深情。 你看,那魚兒在水中舞蹈,回報他們對河流的滿心感激。你聞足球比分直播500网,那花朵在風中散播芬芳,傳遞他們對春天的無盡祝福。

    感恩我們的父母,感恩他們給予我們生命 。父母的關心和愛護是最博大、最無私的。感恩母親溫暖的懷抱,感恩父親寬廣的胸襟。他們為我們花費了多少心血與汗水,編織了多少日日夜夜,才使我們看到這個五彩繽紛的世界足球比分直播500网。

    感恩我們的同伴,在校園生活中,我們共同拼搏。 失意時的一個笑臉,一聲鼓勵,需要幫助時伸出的援助之手,都讓我們倍感溫暖。 



    感恩我們的祖國,感恩祖國給了我們沉淀千年的文化,給了我們和平安定的生活 足球比分直播500网。她的歷經滄桑足球比分直播500网、她的苦難深重、她的頑強拼搏,帶我們到達憑借一己之力到不了的遠方足球比分直播500网。        

    感恩大自然,感恩大自然給我們的一切足球比分直播500网。 感恩她給我們一片樹陰得以躲避炎熱,感恩她給我們一眼泉水得以緩解干渴,感恩大自然對我們的包容和理解,在受到傷害時往往只是默默地承受足球比分直播500网。  你我,都需要一雙感恩的手,去擷取苦難貝殼里最耀眼的珍珠足球比分直播500网。    

    你我足球比分直播500网,都需要一束感恩的火炬,用人間的真情溫暖寒冷的冬天。你我,都需要一雙感恩的眼睛,收集躲在角落里純凈質樸的美好足球比分直播500网。 常懷感恩,感恩你的親人、老師抑或是對手,他們給了我們精彩的人生。人生路上足球比分直播500网足球比分直播500网,讓感恩與你我同行!

    Listen, thefallen leaves are singing in the wind, telling their deep love for the earth. Look,the fish are dancing in the water, in return for their gratitude to theriver. 

    Smell, theflowers are spreading fragrance in the wind, conveying their endless blessingto Spring.  We should be grateful to ourparents for giving us life.Parents' care is extensive and selfless. Be gratefulfor mother's warm embrace,and be grateful for father's broad mind.They spend somuch effort and sweat,  so many days andnights, so that we can see this colorful world. We shoulf be grateful to ourcompanion for fihghting together in shool life. A smiling face and anencouraging voice when we get frustrated,and a helping hand when we are introuble all make us feel warm. 

    We should be grateful to our teachers. During the epidemic,they don'tshrink back, but face up to the difficulties, guarding us and teaching us.Their effort and dedication become the most warm force. We should be gratefulto the medical workers for their strength and dedication,  for driving away thecold winter and bringing the warmth of spring.

    We should begrateful to our motherland for her long history and creating a peacefulenvironment for us. Her vicissitudes, her sufferings, and her struggle havetaken us to a distance where we cannot reach on our own. 

    We should be grateful to all the things given by nature.

    Thank her for giving us a shade to avoid heat, for giving us water torelieve thirst, and for her tolerance and understanding.When she gets hurt,sheoften bears silently

    We need a pair of hands, to pick up the brightest pearls in the shell ofmisery  ,We need atorch of gratitude,to warm the cold winter with the true love.  We need a pair of eyes, to collect the simplebeauty hiding in the corner.  We shouldalways be grateful to our relatives, teachers or even opponents. They help usbuild  a wonderful life.Let gratitudekeep us company  during our lifetime!